Coworking revolutionizes the real estate market

A new concept, developed in Moldavian real estate market, coworking space still occupies a small share of the available space for rent, compared to the offices in the classical spaces. This report is constantly changing, especially because more and more real estate developers are observing the global contemporary tendency to value coworking and are aware of new generations’ characteristics, young entrepreneurs and freelancers who appreciate and look for innovative ideas, freedom of movement, socialization.

The IT & C industry is most common placed in these spaces, followed by start-ups and freelancers who occupy part of these hubs, and then we find independent editorialists, bloggers or artists. Developers, starting from the idea of combining the specific independence of entrepreneurs and freelancers with complete arrangement and the belonging to a community feeling specific to work in a classical office, create coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces are typically equipped with the necessary elements to run a small business, high performance internet, copiers, printers, air conditioning, ventilation systems, reception, desks, key cabinets, fully equipped kitchens, which makes managing such a of space to be much easier, in part assured by the lease. The utilities and facilities of the coworking space take a lot other worries and costs from the resident, which makes coworking spaces increasingly gaining ground in the real estate market when there is this alternative to renting a more restrained or individual classical office.  It is also said that there is a fairly increased sense of belonging to a group, community, workplace, and a need to counterbalance the effects of work at home that require a higher dose of determination, momentum for starting up own activities on time, generating solutions when having persistent blockages in activity, while avoiding the disturbing factors that appear in the working environment from home.

Both need for socialization and professional and efficient working environment are covered by renting a coworking space, much faster than by using a traditional office space, making more land at least in a certain segment of small business.