Digital Park complex


Digital Park complex is a 25,630 m2 project for offices and coworking spaces, 4,230 m2 lobby, conference rooms and other common use areas, the indoor environment quality is enriched with 1730 m2 of cafés and restaurants, 9300 m2 green spaces, parks and recreation areas, 1100 m2 for parking spaces, 4300 m2 roof top green spaces, a sports complex with 2000 m2 area and a cultural center with a 500 people capacity auditorium. All these elements make Digital Park complex an attractive, metropolitan meeting point for not only residents, national and international IT companies, but also a modern, alternative urban center.

Sustainability and environmental improvement were two of our founding principles, behind Digital Park’s plans. The final architectural vision brings balance between modern integrated technologies, advanced technical performance of green spaces buildings. The IT Park is defined, designed and developed in several processes and stages. The first stage – Block A and Block B – will provide comfortable, bright and efficient workspaces.

In the next step, the demolition of the industrial hall in the territory, allows us to place another 4 buildings designed and harmoniously framed in a systematic architectural concept.

“The project offers unique finishes in Moldova, designed in fine details, perfect form and appearance. The challenge was to give the building A identity and exclusivity both design and municipal facilities. Technical detailed the column’s pitch is 9 m, which makes room for open-space workplaces, it is the first offices building with this architectural feature in the Republic of Moldova “- said the architect Valerii Grişco.

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