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The “white stone city” is located on 7 hills, among the largest city parks, Chisinau has one of the largest natural areas of all European cities, it is situated on the Bic River, with lots of green spaces and lakes surrounding. A fertile harbor, filled with vineyards, makes it the ideal destination for wine tasting enthusiasts.

A historic center full of fascinating legends, the Public Garden named “Stefan cel Mare” is considered one of the oldest architectural models of Bessarabia.

Today, it is a city where innovation and adaptation to the digital universe are reborn through the hurrying, pragmatic and independent generations. Chisinau is an energetic city, the most developed industrial center of Moldova, determined to become an important reference point for IT developers. A place for the IT industry, a university center, which more and more multinational companies choose to expand specialized IT strategies and processes.

685,000 residents choose today (2017) Chisinau, Moldavians, Romanians, Ukrainians, Russians, Bulgarians and Gagauz live in one of the brightest cities in Europe, where temperate continental climate makes winters to be mild summers long and people willing to share their expertise, history and culture.

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