Moldova’s first technology park Digital City opened doors in Chisinau

digital park opening

The official inauguration of Digital Park, Moldova’s first technology park: Ion Chicu, Prime Minister; Aurelia Salicov, CEO Digital Park; Alexandru Machedon, Founder and Chairman of StarNet Group; Dereck J. Hogan, U.S. Ambassador. Credit: Digital Park  On December 4, 2019 Moldovan Prime Minister Ion Chicu and U.S. Ambassador to Moldova Dereck J. Hogan attended the ribbon-cutting event to mark the opening of the first IT Park in Moldova, Digital Park. Digital Park is a hub for IT companies and creative startups, ready to host local and international tech companies and developers. Digital Park is located in the Chisinau downtown and has a total area of 8.35 thousand square meters.  Prime Minister Ion Chicu stated at the opening ceremony that this is a revolutionary project that creates high value-added jobs with good working conditions.

Ion Chicu, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

“The IT sector brings innovations to the national economy. I am sure that these over one thousand highly professional employees will bring value added to the country”. Digital Park IT Park was developed by Moldova’s preeminent internet and telecommunications company StarNet. The investment to date is $12 million. By 2025, the total investment for the park is expected to exceed $35 million, creating a ‘Silicon-Valley’ type environment and establishing Moldova as a nexus for ICT competitiveness. The resulting park will host over 2,500 jobs and 50 technology firms, ensuring a working environment that contributes to creativity and competitiveness and attracts regional and international investment. 

Alexandru Machedon, Starnet founder and Digital Park investor

[Digital Park] was a risky and bold investment, in a highly turbulent economic environment. My motivation for this revolutionary project is beyond financial gains, but to benefit the talented, creative and intelligent people of Moldova who unfortunately leave the country. Today over 1,000 people work in Digital Park, and we managed to retain talented people at home and attract international investors. With the inauguration of the Digital Park’s first office tower, phase one of the multi-phase implementation schedule is complete.  USAID assisted the financing of the project by providing StarNet a portable risk guarantee from the U.S. Treasury via USAID’s Development Credit Authority to access $9.0 million in loans to construct the park.

Dereck J. Hogan, US Ambassador to Moldova

The Digital Park provides a world-class business infrastructure, adapted to the requirements of IT companies. This investment represents an important step in the development of the IT industry in the Republic of Moldova, strengthening Moldova’s competitiveness and positioning Moldova as a premium IT destination. The United States Government is pleased to contribute to the development of The Digital Park as well. Through the U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, it has granted a US $ 9 million (nine) bank guarantee from the U.S. Treasury. This facilitates access to the financing needed to build the park’s infrastructure. 

Digital Park is a new vision of workspace, based on sustainability and environmental improvement, giving priority to modern eco-technologies and green spaces. Residents are benefiting from business-enabling conditions set out in the Law on IT parks, including a 7% flat tax rate, and improved access to visas and work permits for foreign tech employees, managers and investors.  The project will be implemented in several phases, and the complex will become more “green”, efficient and attractive with each stage, making a net positive impact on Moldova’s capital, Chisinau.