All you need to know about Digital Park

parc IT moldova
  1. What is Digital Park?

Digital Park is an IT park, a meeting space for IT companies, a dynamic ecosystem for the prosperity of local and international companies.

  1. How did the need for the project arise?

The project has emerged from the increased interest in the IT sector and its development with the aim to popularize the concept of Sillicon Valley in Moldova. Digital Park was created to develop the tech community in Moldova and to keep the intellectual potential of our young people at home.

  1. What does the park include?

It is the first IT park in Moldova with an all-in-one concept, which includes: modern offices and workspaces, data center, conference rooms, restaurants, green area for events, spacious parking and much more. Digital Park is itself a small town within Chisinau.

  1. At which stage of development is the project now?

The project will be completed in several phases, at the moment block A is ready, in which, soon, we will already have the first residents. For Block B we’re going to set up a restaurant that will delight our residents with delicious dishes. Later, we will rebuild the industrial hall into workspaces and build a 15-storey building. Thus, the Digital Park complex will expand and offer more jobs and more opportunities.

  1. Who can become a Digital Park resident?

A resident of the park can become any IT and creative industry company. If you are part of this industry, we invite you to take a tour of the park and discover all the facilities and benefits of Digital Park.