Working in a coworking space advantages

IT developers, programmers and any other freelancers, who choose this area of​activity, or a related domain, are wondering what the advantages of hiring a space in an IT hub would be. We list some of these below hoping that they will make the decisions easier in these kind of situations.


✔ coworking spaces can help grow your business faster;

✔ professional and personal networking is developing;

✔ coworking facilitates collaborations, we find talented people from the same field in the same place, employ or be employed;

✔ increases productivity, we are less distracted in our workspace, more stimulated by the professionals around us, more creative;

✔ balance the personal-career life segments;

✔ clearly delimitate working time, we have a routine;

✔ we work individually but not alone;

✔ advanced technological resources, fast Internet connection or intranet;

✔ much more efficient in terms of costs, utilities and facilities;

✔ we eliminate contracts with other suppliers that we usually contract in individual work areas;

✔ coworking workspaces are environments that improve communication, increase contact lists, prevent isolation while developing our social abilities.


Coworking spaces are especially targeted at entrepreneurs and freelancers who work in home office, start-up, often to those who develop individual activities, but they want a collaborative community environment, looking for membership in communities and joint groups. These workspaces are offered by developers of business parks, IT parks, in Moldova are innovated in the Digital Park complex in Chisinau.